Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Layne Staley - the Biggest Junkie in Seattle History

Layne Staley's University District apartment was littered with crack pipes, moldy take out food, bloody syringes, vomit, urine, porn magazines, whiskey bottles and feces when they found his emaciated body.

The corpse of the junkie singer for Seattle metal band Alice In Chains was bald, toothless and covered with sores. He had been dead for days.

I saw Lame at the Queen Anne QFC during his later years, buying an armload of cookies, candy and other sugary treats.

He should have stuck with the "soft" drugs - the kind of "smokeable flowers" that aren't opium, and that carry only "lowest priority misdemeanor" status in the city of Seattle.

The good stuff is now going for $25 a gram in Seattle, with no bulk discounts.

Speaking of that, thanks to "Biff" for finally hooking up the Tattler with a bag of the high quality BC "stank." I went through alot of pain and wasted time and money to get to this point, and I am going to hoard this stash - no sharing. The blueberry-smelling, sticky but not wet bag worked out to about $25 a gram. And why not? It's a sellers market, and the top end on the chain of endless middlemen and low level retailers are the big boys who face serious legal risks.

Number one in the Drug Dealers of America rulebook is: double your money. There's no reason to fuck around in the scary drug world unless you can sell your product for twice what you paid for it, minimum. Nobody rides for free.