Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Karl Krogstad Still Makes Films

Upon moving to town I noticed some posters around that said "KARL KROGSTAD MAKES FILMS." Not just posters of the shitty tabloid size scanned clip art variety shat out at Kinkos, but large format black and white posters, wheatpasted in creatively chosen spots. He got in some legal trouble with the city over these posters in the 80s.

Karl Krogstad - way underground since the swinging sixties

Many, many years later I still can't figure out what kind of filmmaker Krogstad is, although i have been to several of his screenings at the Seattle Art Museum. Unlike some of the other film snobs in town, Karl was fine with jumping to digital video for some of his projects. He made a feature called "Great Uncle Jimmy" that was shot entirely during a weekend party at his house. God bless this low budget, unpretentious man! Krogstad also does fine art, very nice work.

Look closely below the Pike Place Market on Western for the last remaining outdoor "KARL KROGSTAD MAKES FILMS"' poster. It has survived throuhg three decades of Seattle rain. Karl's been around doing his own unique Seattle film scenester thing since the 60's, and he will never die.