Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Exclusive Interview with Seattle Low-Budget Filmmaker Brian LaBrecque

Seattle Underground film godfather Karl Krogstad recommended that Seattle Undiewood Superstar Brian LaBrecque call me for a meeting of the minds. Or at least that's what Brian told me when he called me at four in the morning recently. LaBrecque is a very bitter and angry person who made a funny film called Far Too Gone. He wanted me to invest in his next project, but settled for this interview on my internationally respected blog instead.

Seattle Tattler: So let's get right to the point - you see the Seattle art scene as being retarded, inbred, inclusive... like a clusterfuck of talentless, simpering fools?
Brian LaBrecque: Inbred would be polite, more like incestuous, like as-in brother and sister fucking eachother's shitty projects till they bleed out their ass. Pushing away and discouraging any decent script and idea if it doesn't smell like Dave Hanagan's palm. I think most of the local film groups here are plants by by the majors to implode and destruct any creativity much like a cinematic
Editor's note: Dave Hanagan of the Northwest Film Forum is one of the few Seattle film scenesters that is on the Tattler's "untouchable" list because of the favors he has done for me, and because I like him. He does a lot of hard work and helps alot of artists for a modest salary and that's admirable in a town where someone with his talents could be making big bucks being a corporate tool.

Oh and don't get me started on the local "film festivals". I mean when a Seattle-shot film about a transvestite who think's he's Tori Amos doesnt get chosen for the Seattle GLBT film Fest then somethings very wrong. But this is the same type of fest where a 400 minute pic shot on 8mm about a coming of age nurse in Romania who spends 7 hours thinking about pussy and at the end of the movie they just drink tea and discuss politics and shit... I mean what the fuck!!!?!?!?

Brian LaBrecque as Tori Amos in Far Too Gone

What about the "Fucking Fabulous Film Festival?" We both did projects that were apparently not fabulous enough for them. You'd think they would bother to call local filmmakers for a nice rejection chat, especially if they have requested their films in the first place. They showed no local features this year.
If I were to comment on that particular festival unrestrained, the venom and bile that would come out of my mouth would fill the fucking room 8 feet high.

I loved the low-budget-ness of Far Too Gone, it has a certain charm and humor, but it looks like it was all shot in a weekend with no script and no budget, kind of like my films....
No offense Rex, but that's NOT how I shot it, It was very thoroughly written and painstakingly well shot considering I had no budget. I was a 11 day shoot and a $5,500 budget, most went to beer and pizza.

Tell us truthfully about the deal with Go-Kart distribution..what have they done for you? Get any money, an advance? Why is their website so lame-with unfinished links to contaxct info and so forth....
Websites are very deceiving... Go-Kart DID give me an advance, they DID give me the opportunity to build a special-edition DVD with tons of features( they even paid for the extra EQ I needed). And they DID press a TON of DVDs and distributed across the US, just like they said they would. I am NOT in Blockbuster, but they were very upfront about that so its cool. And by the way, they are negotiating a European Distribution Deal as we speak to get "Far Too Gone" out in the U.K. and beyond.

Do you sell any copies on Amazon?
The Amazon sales go thru Koch-Lorber so I don't see the specific numbers just for Amazon.

Whats the next project...are you really looking for 50,000? Whats so no budget about that?
Actually $100,000.
I never said I liked NO BUDGET!!!
I need money!

Have you ever tried working with actors from the local theatre scene? Did this group of people come out of nowhere?
When I made Far Too Gone, all the talent came thru Craigslist and some local callboards. Everyone was great, Everyone worked their ASS off for free and my producer worked his ass off for almost free. Special kudos to Kyna Morgan who was the best Associate Producer that pizza can buy! And Eric Scott, my producer who took the unshaped mold which was my talented script and idea and helped me craft it into a masterpiece!

Oh if you mean "theater" well Brian Jones "grandpa" in FTG, is a star in the
Portland theater scene.

Can a a heterosexual man get away with playingo Tori Amos in drag? Are you a homosexual?

Hey asshole, It aint nothin for me to slay some tang. I am the vulva-slayer!

"Dumber than Napoleon, louder than dynamite, more Jew than Jesus, it's Far Too Gone!"

I like the bluntess of the Tori Amos character's
very, un-Seattle...people are so polite here.

Polite!?!?!? HAHAHAHA People in this town are too stuck up, and they don't
fuck nearly enough.

Whats the next project?

Cover your crotch as we dive into the strange and oft disturbing
sub-culture of cross-dressing urban cults and un-heroes. Set in Seattle,
Effing Brutal tells the story of Josh Lowell, a transvestite-in-denial, who
believes he's Tori Amos. Josh and his chronically bleeding Kung-Fu
side-kick Larry inadvertently join a transvestite cult known as the "Strict
Nine". At war with the Strict Nine are a violent skateboarder cult known
only as the V.O.T.S. (or: Victims Of The System). In the midst of this
alt-cult war, Josh is kidnapped by the V.O.T.S., and in order to rescue him,
Larry must call upon the unlikeliest team of superheroes on Earth: TEAM