Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Coming Wednesday: Seattle gonzo filmmaker Brian LaBrecque tells all!

I will begin my brutally honest assement of the Seattle film scene tommorow with an interview with Brian LaBrecque, director of Too Far Gone, the story of a man who dresses like Tori Amos and then harasses people! Brian is one of the most refreshingly honest artists I have met in a long time, and he is quite willing to speak his mind about some of the jackasses we both have encountered in Seattle's film scene.

Exclusive Interview with Porn Fugitive Seth Warshavsky

Seth Warshavsky was hailed as a boy genius for creating a pyramid scheme based on hype and delusionary greed - in other words, he was CEO of a successful Seattle dot-com company in the late 90s. Before creating Internet Entertainment group Seth made millions in the phone sex racket as a protege of Seattle phone smut pioneer Ian Eisenberg. Yet he claimed in repeated interviews that he did not consume porn! Two of our sources, longtime employees of the Lusty Lady peep show on First Avenue, claim otherwise. "We were kicking him out of there for being underage. He was well known, a well known young pervert," claimed a former manager. "Seth had a very small penis. Once he turned 18 he was in here contantly," said Eden, a veteran Lusty Lady dancer.

Strippers at the Lusty Lady accused Seth Warshavsky of having a small penis

Warshavsky's IEG was bankrolled by Ruth Parasol, a shrewd, "drop dead gorgeous" grey-market entrepeneur who is now one of the richest women in the world. She sold her interest in IEG in 1996 well before it collapsed and moved to England to get into the internet poker racket with partypoker.com and other sites. Fled to England is more like it, because she faces criminal charges if she ever returns to the U.S. Hopefully the 1.8 billion dollars she has makes her feel better about that situation.

And Seth is in Thailand. I reached him through the miracle of Skype technology - a service that allows you to make free phone calls. I think he agreed to cooperate because he thought some of my massive street credibility would rub off on him. Also, I never blabbed to the media once his ship went down, even though I was offered money by some shady lawyers representing Pamela and Tommy Lee to do so. And did I mention that his dad was my cable guy for many years?

Seattle Tattler: What are you doing these days Seth?
Seth Warshavsky: I live in Thailand.

Can you tell me where?

Look, I need some dirt here, what have you got. Do you got any money left?
I have enough money to live ten comfortable lifetimes in the US, and fifty in Thailand.

I'm interested in how you duped the media. Looking back on old articles about you from the dotcom era from time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, you name it - they never bothered to check facts, did they?
You are asking the person who created the Pamela And Tommy Lee sex tape phenomenon whether he knows how to manipulate the media? Another time I sent out a press release saying that two virgins were going to fuck live on the internet, one morning before I had coffee, and by dinner every media outlet in the world was buzzing with the "news." It was all bullshit, desinged to drive traffic to our site network.

Those crazy late-90s dot-com days... What happened to that guy Derek, the Lawyer you had working for you, the one who had a picture of an island on the wall of his office? He kept telling people: "I will buy an island after working here."
I don't keep track of those people. But I'll bet he does have an island.

Do you have an island?
No, I have an apartment in Hong Kong with one of my mistresses there, and some places in North Thailand. A country estate and some condos in Bangkok.

That nasally thing that you do with your voice, that "honk." Didn't you have lots of surgeries for sinus problems? Were they drug related? Do you have Tourettes?
I don't have to answer that. I'm still alive aren't I? Time to wrap it up.

Any regrets...things you should have done while still in Seattle?
I have some scores to settle let's just say that.

Are you involved in any new projects?
I'm working with underprivileged kids, shipping over outdated computers from the west on a large scale and distributing them to families. (A phone rings in the background - he answers it nd begins screaming in Thai)

Okay, Okay one more. Are you worried about being prosecuted for fraud or money laundering in the States? Are you worried that Pamela and Tommy Lee will come after you for the settlement money they won?
I'm the best thing that ever happened to those two. And the Thai government is happy to have me here helping their economy. I've gotta go, one of my girlfriends is having a crisis with her car service. Call me next year, I may have some big news.