Monday, December 05, 2005

Tattler to Interview Exiled Porn Innovator Seth Warshavsky

On August 3 2000 former Seattle Internet porn king Seth Warshavsky was exposed as a swindler and psychopathic liar in a five page article in Rolling Stone. The author, Evan Wright, worked undercover at Warshavsky's company, IEG, all the while digging information up for his big expose. It was journalistic dishonesty all around, because while Wright was lying to Warchavsky about the nature of his business there, Warchavsky was lying to everyone, especially the gullible media, but also credit card victims and unpaid vendors and employees. Even fallen porn king Bob Guccione, was victimized by poor Seth, in a deal that ironically marked the downfall of the printed porn magazine, and Guccione's own descent from the ranks of the very rich to just being rich.

Now here's the scoop - I worked for Seth too. In fact, during my seven week tenure at IEG, I would literally roll out of bed and walk two blocks down the street in Belltown to go work in the heat of the action, the spot where the marketing for the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson video was conceived. Seth was a marketing genius responsible for other classic publicity stunts including a 1998 lawsuit over a sex video of Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels, a l998 lawsuit by actor Kelsey Grammer over a sex video, nude photographs of Dr. Laura Schlessinger,, a pope-porn site, and the "Our First Time" hoax.

The tape that helped IEG gross over 200 million a year before the dotcom implosion.

Seth lived across the street from the office in the penthouse of the Pacific Towers, a brand new dotcom era Seattle condo, and was known to roar out of the parking garage in his Jaguar, swearing at pedestrians. I soaked up all the information I could while at IEG, and also established a relationship with Seth whose father, seriously, was my cable guy.

While I kept my mouth shut, Evan Wright beat me to the scoop and launched a brilliant career in the process. Unlike Evan, I have still have acess to Seth, and over the course the last month I have interviewed him several times using Skype technology to call him in Thailand, where he lives a life of luxury on a five hundred acre estate. Evan Wright moved on to more dangerous adventures - he literally rode in with the troops at the start of the second Gulf War, then wrote a fantastic bestseller about it: Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War.

Seth will immediately be sent to prison for embezelling millions of dollars from a huge cast of suckers if he ever returns to America. So what the hell does he do over there? Find out in the next post: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PORN FUGITIVE SETH WARSHAVSKY!