Saturday, December 03, 2005


Here's a link to an early Seattle Tattler story, as originally published in the Belltown Messenger:
COUNTING THE COBAINBUCK$ - The Top Thirteen People Who Profit from the Legacy of Deceased Rock Star Curt Cobain

Welcome to the Seattle Tattler

Pete Lallich, my brilliant high school history teacher, used to say that my opinions and 79 cents would get him a cup of coffee. In that spirit, I'd like to begin my first blog, which will hopefully grow into a quarterly publication of quality satire, to be printed on the finest Canadian newsprint. Seattle Tattler will have a code of honor: we will be kind to people we admire, and merciless to those we believe to be pigs.

As someone who has been in Seattle since 1990 and worked for a colorful cast of characters including Seth Warchavsky (internet porn king, now in exile in Thailand), grunge goddess Susan Silver (manager of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains), Dan Savage (gay sex advice columnist and editor of alternative weekly the Stranger), Tim Harris (publisher of homeless newspaper Real Change) and Jean Baptise (not real name; unscrupulous Pioneer Square rock promoter) I feel more than qualified to edit the Tattler.

Tattler will ridicule four dollar cups of coffee and anti-global warming stickers on fossil-fuel-burning vehicles and the image of Seattle as a nature-loving, progressive city, which is a lie. But most of all we will be profiling individual Seattleites and their impact on the outside world. Stay tuned for daily updates and mini-bios of the folks mentioned above, with many more to come.