Monday, December 26, 2005

Seattle Tattler Now Just A Rotting Potato

I have carved a primitive face out of a slice of potato and placed it on my scanner. Every day I will scan the potato and post the images here. This should prove far more interesting than previous Seattle Tattler posts.

Here is some shit I have been working on for this blog which you will not see until my book comes out:
Seattle Film Geek Todd Redenius is a Remedial Genius
Jim Hogshire is Going to Prison
How Shane Godsky Saved America
Vern Fonk's Funky Bunch
Queen of Corporate Schlock: Local Media Personality Mona Lee Locke
Literary Carpetbagger series #2: Mike Daisey
Seattle's Best Newspaper - The Seattle Sinner
Whore: Gary Locke's Big Money Adventures in The Private Sector


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