Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dave Meinert is King of the Night

Seattle music promoter and co-owner of the Mirabeau Room nightclub David Meinert asked me if I wanted to "smoke some herbs" the very first time we met. He invited me to a special "secret" appearance by the band Pearl Jam at the Offramp nightclub either that evening or the coming weekend. I guess I can't remember because of the "herbs."

The now hugely fabulous Meinert once managed an industrial band called "Tchkung." This group of anarchists lived in a squat near Beacon Hill filled with expensive Power Macs and musical gear. They once burned money onstage to protest capitalism at a show that cost people six dollars at the door. Stay tuned for stories about Tchkung and their successors, the Infernal Noise Brigade of WTO fame.

A haggard Dave Meinert is articulate even after a long night of rock and roll.

Meinert and I have shared a distanced mutual respect since that day despite his oddball slang for what normal people call "pot" or "marijauna." So much so that I hesitate to write much about him here.

However, one of the bands he manages, Maktub, is so hilariously overrated and overexposed by the local media that they will remain fair game for the Tattler.

David Meinert, entrepeneur, lover of art and music and young women, feeder of stories to Stranger news editor Josh Feit - we salute you!


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